Deep down, do you feel like a fraud, have you fallen victim to Impostor Syndrome? You’re not alone. Are you qualified to do the job that you are in? Of course, you are! Remember, if you weren’t qualified to handle the tasks or deemed unable to learn them, then you wouldn’t be there.


Maybe you work a traditional job, maybe you don’t. A traditional career or being an entrepreneur takes work and commitment. You weren’t feeling called to do what you do by mistake.

If it’s this simple, why do we still move through life feeling like we aren’t worthy and what we have is undeserved?

Even after being in my career for years, I still had it in my head that others were going to find out I didn’t belong. But I did, and you are where you need to be right now too!

Impostor syndrome is what keeps us doubting. We question our abilities, compare ourselves to others and if we run into a hard time, we can be left thinking that it’s because we aren’t meant to be there.

Here are some ways that I put myself into check when I start heading down this path.

Identify It

First things first, you need to identify where the feelings of self-doubt are coming from. It could be from a new job prospect, comparing yourself to your peers or taking on new responsibilities.


Take time to acknowledge these feelings. Once you identify where they are coming from, you will have an easier time changing the narrative you are telling yourself.

Think the Opposite

Recognize that you are telling yourself this and that the world isn’t telling you this.

Once you’ve identified where the insecurity is coming from, think about all the accomplishments that have led you to where you are now. Think of the people who have had your back and supported you along the way. Think about times you have been stuck and you found your own way out and did a great job on an assignment/project.

A couple of months ago I sat down and wrote on a couple of post-its, positive comments people have made to me. They have called me a leader, they told me I’ve achieved more in a few months then some people do in years, they have told me that my opinions are valuable and that I take feedback and apply it.

They are saying the same about you and your work, so reprogram your thinking to get out of the negativity slump!

You’re Not Alone

Everyone has things in their mind that will hold them back if they let it. It helps to remember that you are not the only person dealing with impostor syndrome. It may seem like it but it’s really just that little voice in your head telling you that. We are our own worst critics.


There are so many people in the world struggling to be enough and trying to live up to what they think they need to be.

I have people in my life that I can talk about these difficult times with. I encourage you to find someone that can be there for you when you find yourself in front of a mental roadblock.

They will help give you back some strength and remind you of your awesome qualities. Remember to be this to someone else because you know how important it is to have someone there.

The Big Take Away

You got to where you are today by being you and you were called to do your job because you bring something extra that no one else can.

Get out of your own head and find the root of the insecurity so you can deal with it head on. You can push your negative thoughts of yourself to the side by replacing them with everything that got you to this point – your accomplishments, your supporters and perseverance.

We all get stuck in this rut from time to time and you are NOT an impostor. You deserve to be where you are today.

What are your greatest strengths? Let us know in the comments.

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