How are you doing with your goals? Reflecting on the areas you want to improve is great, but progress is only made when you take action. Goal setting isn’t just for the new year. Now is the time to recommit and begin.


A big obstacle that has stood in my way is losing the inspiration needed to get it done. Without inspiration, it’s hard to find the motivation to get back to work. Over time, I’ve discovered some ways to get myself re-inspired and regain traction. My hope is that some of these tips can help you too.

After reading this post you will be able to identify where your best inspiration comes from and gain ideas for how to shake up your everyday routine. This post will also discuss the power of visualization and how I’ve used it to help myself.

Where Does Your Inspiration Come From?

When I feel stuck, I like to start off by thinking about the things that give me the most inspiration. Recall a few times, at least 3, when you felt most inspired. Take notice of any themes that arise.

Here are a few I thought of:

  • Having a working session with a friend
  • Listening to my favorite music
  • Working early in the morning
  • Working in a new place like the library or coffee shop

Next, use those common themes to pinpoint what is missing right now. The missing piece could be just what you need to feel inspired again.

Find Inspiration by Shaking Up Your Routine

Shaking up your everyday routing can help you find the inspiration that’s been missing. Sometimes, we get so stuck in the day to day survival that it’s hard to see what else is on the outside.


One way that I practice finding inspiration is clearing the clutter from my mind and being in the moment. When you’re fully present, take notice of how different you feel when you are pulling energy from new places. This new energy could be what you need to find joy in the moment and find inspiration.

There could be new inspiration just beyond your normal routine and it could be the missing piece we just discussed. When you find that extra piece of inspiration and its something that can be easily worked into your routine, you’ll be able to seamlessly draw from it when needed.

Use Visualization to Stay Inspired and Motivated

Visualization is a great tool to help you stay focused on what your goals are. When you know what you want the outcome to be and know how you want to feel, you will have the motivation to keep going. One of my favorite ways to practice visualization is through using a vision board or journaling.

Vision boards are a collection of images or words that help describe your desired outcome. Assembling the board is an opportunity to start figuring out what you truly want and what visuals make you feel inspired. Completing the board is exciting because you have something tangible to look back on when you need it. You can also make mediating on this board a part of your everyday routine. Your vision board should be in a format that will work best for you. It can be a digital image, on Pinterest, in a book, or on a poster. If you are new to creating vision boards, check out our blog post to help guide you through the process.

A great idea for those of your who are avid journal users is start incorporating prompts that get you focused on building your vision. Journaling about your experiences can help you analyze your needs, wants, strengths and challenges. Having these experiences written down will also given you something to reflect back on when you need to. Journaling will also help you analyze where you are at and what barriers you may face as you move forward.

When you are struggling to find the drive to move forward, having these resources at your disposal will help remind you of your “why”.

The Inspiration To Keep Going

Inspiration will the catalyst that keep you motivated and moving toward your goals. Don’t let them keep getting away from you. If you have fallen off track, or if you haven’t gotten started, do it today with the new energy and traction you’ve gained from this post.

When you have your sources of inspiration and know how to motivate yourself, you will be able to get back to it faster after taking a break or getting stuck. This will help keep you from giving up on it entirely!

Tell us in the comments, what has been the biggest barrier to your inspiration?

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