Failing is uncomfortable and puts us in a low state of mind. It can make us feel regret, unworthy and clueless.

Nobody likes it, but it gets us all at some point!


When I sat down to write this post I was trying to think of grand epic failures to detail throughout this post. I soon came to the realization that it isn’t always a huge failure that stops us in our tracks every time. The small day-to-day situations we deem to be failures can haunt us at every turn. These failures may be worse, because we always face it and continue to feel like we’re stuck!

When I thought about failure in this new way, I knew exactly what I could offer to help you overcome your difficult situation.

After reading this post, you are going to know how to identify where failure is coming from, how to find a solution to the failure problem and you will receive encouragement to move past it all.

Let’s get started on turning things around!

Identify What Is Causing The Feeling of Failure

When I feel like a failure, I notice that I focus more on feeling sorry for myself and the stuck feeling. Instead I should focus on how to overcome it.

When we hit a failure bump, we all must go over it and get to the other side. I wasn’t allowing myself to turn the situation around.

The first step I took was to reflect on why I was feeling this way. I was struggling because I was so tied up with trying to keep my clients organized. Staying on track and on top of the work I was hired to do became a challenge. I was also failing because I didn’t realize organization had become my new offering. When my clients fell behind, it trickled down to me falling behind.

Ask yourself: Why does the failure exist?

When you can solve the problem and begin to get on track again, you will be feeling some wins in no time. Your confidence will also begin to rise again.

Once I identified what the problem was, I set out to brainstorm how I could solve it.

Finding A Solution To Failure

Now that you have identified where the problem is. You can begin to figure out how to solve it.

When you find yourself in a situation like mine, you need to find something to get yourself out of the dark hole. I started to climb out by deciding that I needed to wrangle in the disorganization, and fine tune some of the processes.


There were two actions that I brainstormed:

  • The first was to update my planner with a list of all my clients and their needs.
  • Second, I would keep a running checklist of all questions or action items that were out to each client so I could see what was waiting for a reply.
  • These two things made my daily planning and workload easier. Details were no longer falling through the cracks. I was able to easy see where I was at and what needed to be done next.

    At the start of this process, dig deep into the process and figure out what needs to happen for you to begin to feel successful again.

    Ask yourself:

    • What is in my control to change?
    • What needs to change for me to begin to feel successful again?

    Your success is everything and it deserves this extra attention to identify a solution.

    Forgiving Failure

    You should remember that failure is inevitable. Everyone faces it at some point and it’s important to come through it to the other side. You will encounter so many learning lessons to carry forward with you.

    A lot of times we are prone to beating ourselves up about not making everything happen like we hoped it would. Starting and finishing are huge accomplishments in themselves, so pat yourself on the back for that!

    The biggest thing to remember is that you need to forgive yourself for failing. It will likely happen again, and it happens to everyone. You are in good company!

    Also, don’t let someone else beat you up about a failure.

    People want to pretend that they haven’t messed something up too or haven’t fallen short. They have and have no place in judging you.

    If someone does come at you in a judgmental fashion over your failure. Acknowledge it and let them know that this doesn’t define who you are. If they are someone like a team member or a manger and you feel comfortable, loop them into your plan on how you are turning things around. How you handle the tough situations will really set you apart.

    Decide that Failure Doesn’t Define You

    Failure doesn’t mean that you aren’t good enough or aren’t meant for something, it was a blip and that is it.

    The next time you are dealing with a situation where it feels like you are failing:

    • Identify where the failure is really coming from.
    • Brainstorm solutions
    • Forgive failure
    • Look ahead

    Being in a poor situation doesn’t define you or your abilities. You tried to accomplish something and hit a road block or found out it doesn’t work. You are ahead of the game because you tried. Dust yourself off and remind yourself that you are more than this mistake.

    Make a game plan to get back on track and share it with those who can benefit from you new knowledge.

    Success really is within reach!

    Tell us in the comments what your game plan is to overcome a failure!

    Be sure to share with your social network too! Just hit the share button.

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