Let's Get To Know Each Other

Hers For The Taking is focused on career, goal setting, productivity and personal branding. We created this online community with the mission of supporting and empowering women discover their own fulfilling path and story.

Have you ever felt like…

  • You are disappointed, frustrated and defeated with job seeking?
  • You struggle with having a unique and interesting story that stands out from the rest?
  • You don’t know how to “sell” your experience and expertise?
  • You’re stuck in your career search and don’t know what to do next?
  • You know you want to make a change or need to and feel no motivation?
  • You are dreaming too big?
  • You consume a lot of information but don’t always put it into action?
  • You have fear that you won’t succeed?
  • You have fear of following through?
  • You worry that if you do succeed, you won’t be able to keep it up?

So many of us have felt this way!

Looking for new opportunities and creating your own path can be scary and confusing. Often, we don’t know how to make sense of all the experience and skills we have to create our own story which hinders the process and makes us feel more lost and stuck.

It is possible to have your pick of opportunities and work in a career that makes you feel confident, valued and respected.

How can we help?

We want you to experience success and joy in the path that you are on. Here is what you’ll find at Hers For The Taking:

  • Podcast: Each week you’ll find lessons for career minded women on taking action, stepping into your power and nurturing a success mindset. View the latest episode here.
  • Blogs: get inspiration and advice to help you start gaining clarity in your career and personal path and personal brand. View the latest posts here.
  • Social Media: we post almost daily on our social media platforms. You can keep up with our daily tips on all our favorite topics covered in this blog and get to know us behind the scenes.

Meet Our Team

Cristal Finley

Hello. I’m the co-founder of Hers For The Taking, a philanthropist and a business professional with a background in finance. Early on I figured out that personal and career development was essential to growth and getting closer to my big goals. I started this community to help working women reveal the possibilities available to them.

My professional career began before I finished college and at the time, I did not realize my own potential and what I brought to the table. I was hired out of my internship position and offered a permanent position and it took a lot of work to make that opportunity appear. Since that point, I have advanced through positions and had to learn a lot of new skills to continue to create the opportunities that I wanted.

I have put in the work to learn how to network, how to dress in a way that reflected me, have built a network of supportive connections and have taken on opportunities that not a lot of people in my age or position had access to. Doors opened because I had the right tribe supporting me. I had a passion for development and possessed the confidence to put myself out there and to try.

I have found that what separates you from the crowd is being willing to act. You need to be ready to expand and become the person you have always dreamed of becoming to reach your big goals. My mission is to help you reach your next steps by providing you the tools to discover your unique brand and goals and develop the action plan to get you on your way.

Brandon Allen

Hello, I’m the co-founder and manage technology for Hers For The Taking. I solve problems and troubleshoot website issues to ensure that you have a wonderful experience while visiting us here at Hers For The Taking.

I have a professional career in healthcare and I am an amateur photographer.